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The HRT 15 Hermes Royal thermal anchor is available in 2 variants (stainless steel/galvanised steel). The HRT 13 is only available in galvanised steel. You automatically get a quotation for both variants (if you want to attach heavy loads) and you can then choose the one that best suits your budget and requirements. The galvanised thermal anchor is slightly cheaper, but carries no approval which is required by law for stainless steel. The properties and characteristics are however identical.

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Thermal insulation compound systems / ETICS
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Heavy loads: HRT 15
Awnings, canopies, shutters, trellises, external chimneys, sliding shutters, railings, hand rails, blinds, French balconies, protection barriers, pergolas, conservatories, curtain walls, protruding shutter boxes, satellite dishes, etc.

Light loads: HRT 13
Outdoor lighting, post boxes, signs, house numbers, downpipes, alarm systems, window boxes, etc.

Thread holder

The threaded mount refers to the strength of the screw to be screwed into the anchor. 6 mm screw = M6, 8 mm = M8, 10 mm = M10, 12 mm = M12

HRT-15 – Heavy loads

Number of HRT 15 thermal anchors by thread thickness*

HRT-13 - Light loads

Number of HRT 13 thermal anchors by thread thickness *

Accessories HRT15
Accessories HRT15
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Accessories HRT13
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