Hermes Royal Thermal Anchor. The perfect anchor for your insulation

The Hermes Royal thermal anchor is the perfect anchor for attaching components to your insulation. Thanks to its slim design consisting of base body, thermal separation module and adapter with the same diameter, it can be used easily and quickly by every DIY enthusiast and craftsperson without needing any special tools – even in those places where competing products cannot be installed.

The HRT 15 anchor, made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic and not A4 stainless steel, guarantees a secure attachment option through its general building inspectorate approval, avoiding thermal bridge effects even in highly insulated exterior walls. Its simple installation in just a few steps achieves an absolutely tight outer shell without thermal bridges and thus prevents the future penetration of condensation and consequential damage, such as mould on your insulation/facade.

Furthermore, unlike other comparable products on the market, the thermal anchor has a very short assembly time. This saves you time and high assembly costs for your add-on parts to your thermal insulation compound systems. No matter what you want to attach, whether awnings, canopies, conservatories, rank grids, post boxes, lamps, satellite dishes, air conditioners, shutters, sliding shutters, downpipes, crash barriers, railings, etc., the Hermes Royal thermal anchor is the right choice for safe mounting.

  • building inspectorate approval
  • short assembly time with no special tools needed
  • easy installation for the DIY enthusiast and craftspeople alike
  • tight outer shell

2 anchors for your insulation, with which you can fix almost anything.

Heavy-duty mounting The HRT 15

for awnings, canopies, shutters, railings, blinds, air conditioners, crash grates, conservatories, prefabricated roller shutter boxes, satellite dishes, outdoor chimneys, etc.

Lighter loads The HRT 13

for outdoor lighting, post boxes, signs, house numbers, downpipes, external chimneys, alarm systems, window boxes, trellises, etc.

Easy installation even for DIY enthusiast

Quick and easy attachment in just a few steps with no special tools needed.

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