Assembly instructions - setting instructions for thermal anchor

Because installing a HERMES ROYAL THERMO-ANKER [Thermal Anchor] requires no additional components or preliminary installations, assembly is more cost-efficient and just as effective as systems to date. The thermal anchor should ideally be positioned once the insulation (external thermal insulation compound system - ETICS) and the mesh filter have been installed and before the final layer of plaster has been applied. It can, however, also be installed trouble-free at a later stage.


Drill hole:
HRT 15 » d0 = 20mm
HRT 13 » d0 = 18mm


Thermo-Anker/Cut sleeve to appropriate length as necessary


Clean drill hole: 2x blowing, 2x brushing, 2x blowing


Insert sleeve into the wall using the Thermo-Anker – pull the Thermo-Anker out again – the sleeve remains in the wall


Inject Hilti HIT-MM PLUS into the sleeve completely until it comes out of the mouth of bore (Observe Hilti instruction manual!)


Hammer/screw in the Thermo-Anker until it protrudes at least 1mm over the final layer of plast


Level any surplus Hilti HIT on the outer wall out with a trowel for sealing purposes, remove surplus and leave to set


Secure attachment while observing torque Tinst

Assembly Instruction Video

Assembly data

*no element in approval **concrete is no element in approval. Attend approval.


Cross-section of wall with full heat insulation

Installation point for surface/straight assembly of Thermo-Anker. The innovative construction of the Thermo-Anker allows for trouble-free straight or inclined installation/corner installation close to the intrados edge.